Ever wanted to read people’s minds? Don’t have to be Jean Gray but playing Taboo really tells what kind of dark thoughts a person is harbouring within the deepest recesses of his/her mind. For example, repressed sexual thoughts.

Word: Eject

What Really Happened:

*points at Teck Wei i.e. wei-ge

After which Isabel gave various descriptions of what happens after consuming the little blue pill which I shall not pen down. Needless to say, we got that correct after screaming a whole truckload of unmentionable words.

And in Taboo you have to think in simple general terms, because obviously the person giving clues will try to make the kind of mental associations that everyone else will.

Prompt: The thing you eat for breakfast?
Response: Of course my jock of a roomie says: protein powder!

But kudos to him, because he was trying to distract the other team by giving nonsensical answers – which of course, he did with ease because spouting nonsense was after all one of his innate abilities. Allow me to quote another example.

Prompt: What do you fall on? Jerome: Your face.

Talking about mental associations, some people’s cognitive networks are really out of this world.

Prompt: female
Isabel: (amidst the shouting of a whole slew of other responses that made more sense) Xena!

Everyone went silent and threw judging looks in her dieection.

Well, no surprises where she got her manliness from.

(wants to end the post here but can’t get over it)

But seriously, Xena?! The only thing I knew about that series came from the advertisements shown during Power Rangers, and in those clips there’s always this warrior princess chick who was perpetually dressed in leather suits that were so tight they probably limited her boob growth, plus wielding this hugeass sword that was bigger than any of the swords the men in the show were wielding. It’s a good thing I’d read about fairy tales by then, otherwise I would have thought all princesses looked like that.

And then finally, there’s one more kind of Taboo player, like Shifang, who just keeps passing because he doesn’t know the meaning of the words.
(it happens to all of us at some point in time, just not in such..copious amounts.)