I have been teaching tuition for four consecutive days now, and tomorrow is the last before my student takes his PSLE oral exam. It feels quite tiring but his occasional nonsense answers brighten me up a bit, at least after I finish facepalming.

Me (reads): 图中乐于助人的行为包括:帮盲人过马路 (Types of helping behaviour in pictures include: helping the blind cross the road)

Him: What is 盲人?

Me: Blind people. So if you see someone in the picture helping a blind person or someone disabled, you can give praise.

Him: So I can praise them if they help old people also lah.

Me: Old people are different from disabled people but yes, you can.

Him: Why different? Old people and disabled people same what, they both walk very slow.

Conversation topic on helping people:

Me: 说一说你帮过人的一次经验。(Talk about a time when you offered assistance to someone)

Him: (talks about helping some fictional old lady carry her stuff across the road)

Me: 为什么你会想要帮那位老婆婆?(What made you want to help that old lady?)

Him: 因为老婆婆很老。(Because the old lady very old.)