As I sit in the room with ears plugged to mayday and scrolling mindlessly through my Facebook feed, I suddenly remembered there was this era when my news feed consisted of more words than pictures. Not that it’s a bad thing (cue random 9gag picture), but it’s just another reminder how the forms of communication we use are evolving so rapidly.

Still remember snail mail? The laborious yet enjoyable process of penning a letter, sealing it up in an envelope, fixing a stamp on it all the way to stuffing it into the postbox. Just make sure you’re stuffing into the right one..don’t learn from the old man who, for the past two years, has been dropping birthday cards and cheques for his grandchildren into the red dog poo box instead of the equally red postbox

I will never forget the first time I attempted to craft my very own letter and post it. Well not so much posting it – I was in P1 and couldn’t post it myself so I got my dad to post it for me. And he couldn’t either, because he was too busy laughing and showing my mom my “letter”, which I gave to him only under the condition that he made this shady-sounding “postman” person promise  not to lose it.

The very important letter I drafted was to my classmate, and my sole agenda for penning it was to ask for said classmate’s phone number (which was obviously a very crucial milestone in the friendship between two P1 kids, made even more important simply by the very fact that I was asking for it via post instead of the next day when we would meet in school). It was such an important agenda that I thought in case my friend, for some unknown reason, decided not to open the letter after receiving it, I should write my letter on the envelope itself. And my letter consisted of 5 whole words:

What is your phone number?

And since it was only 5 words and did not take up a lot of space, I scribbled it a few more times on the envelope for good measure – about 6 or 7 times in total, front and back added together. Oh, make it 8 times, counting the one time scrawled on the paper stuffed INSIDE the envelope. But sadly, after he finished laughing, my dad just chided me for wasting a stamp which I had painstakingly affixed onto the graffiti-filled envelope after spending 30 minutes figuring out that, like some other things in life, I had to get it wet first. Damn, if I were my parents, I’d have that letter framed and hung up.

Then came MSN. Think I almost died of amazement when I sent my first instant message. I was on the phone with my friend and I’d just installed MSN, wondering what the fuss was all about. Then I typed a “hello” and it appeared on my screen, then I was like okayyyy I’m this tech whiz kid who’s been using Microsoft Word 95 for some time – what’s the biggie with words you’ve typed appearing on your screen.

I was about to put this aross to my friend when suddenly my computer screen flashed

(insert friend’s name) says: hi

Then I crapped my pants.

Ok la I never, but I got damn excited and started railing down the phone that ZOMG I SAW THE MESSAGE YOU TYPED AND YOU SAID HI and spent 10 mins laughing and jumping up and down in excitement.

Yeah, my first time using MSN.