Singapore is indeed a global city. Not only do we welcome talents from all over the world, we also celebrate their festivals to make sure they don’t lose their roots. And oh, it’s a once-in-a-decade thing. Following the Hungary Ghost Festival (匈牙利鬼节) in 2002, we are now ushering in the China New Year (中国农历新年) in 2012, as seen from the Chinese version of the STB website:

I really wonder who did the translation at STB, because apparently even Google Translate can do better:

STB has obviously noticed this minor hiccup at their website, because when I tried to access the fateful page, this shows up:

Or maybe, they thought it’d be easier to just take down the whole Chinese know, 斩草除根.


(Just FYI , this turned up after a brief google search about the origins of Hungary Ghost Festival):