If you have seen this video, then you probably have a very good idea of what I’m going to talk about.

If you haven’t, then it depends on whether you’ve finished your lunch.

If you haven’t, then I advise you not to watch it now.

Basically, what happened was that a 2-year-old toddler was victim to a hit-and-run accident. Well, two accidents in succession, to be precise. According to the footage, the first driver ran his front wheels over the toddler (*grimaces*)  and then paused for a few seconds with the vehicle hovering over the toddler, apparently deciding what was the next best thing to do. Then, perhaps taking the principle of 送佛送到西 a bit too literally, he ran the back wheels over her as well, before getting his ass out of the scene. Then, about 18 people walked past the roadkill without bothering to do anything, which indirectly led to a second vehicle coming along and I leave the rest to your imagination. The toddler, or what remained of her, was finally rescued by an old lady. But unfortunately the toddler has just passed away at the time of writing.

Well, I don’t know what would be the outcome if the same thing happened in Singapore, so I’m not judging. But seems like there’s some explanation as to this apparent state of apathy in China. In 2006 there was a young man named Peng Yu who helped an old lady who had fallen down on the street. At her request, he helped her to the hospital, but the wretched old lady turned against him and accused him of being the one who knocked her down. This is supposedly so that she could demand compensation to pay for her medical fees (there being no one else to point her finger at). The judge then ruled that it was common sense that Peng Yu brought her to the hospital only because he was guilty, therefore he had to pay for the medical expenses. 

And, in 2009, an old man fell down when trying to get off the bus. What’s news was that people only went forward to help him after he proclaimed that he bore responsiblity for the fall. In light of this, I think there are a few things to take note of when we meet with a mishap in China or Singapore.

In China:


For victims: declare that you fell down of your own accord and you deserve it (for added measure, take out your smartphone with whichever uninjured hand you have and record your testimonial on tape)


For passers-by (according to guidelines by the Ministry of Health, as reported in The China Daily): Don’t rush to lend a hand to the elderly after seeing them fall over. It should be handled by different measures in different situations.

I assume this means things like keeping calm, doing a family financial background screening, or see if they can magically stand up on their own, or waiting for 20mins to see if they magically die etc etc

In Singapore:


For victims: Whatever you do, don’t ask for help in Chinese.