Research is not all about crunching numbers, especially when it involves human subjects. Behind every number is a real, live human whose life we might improve as a result of our research. Doing some preliminary lit review on autism and intervention has really opened my eyes, especially after coming across a forum post written by a Singaporean diagnosed with Asperger’s.

Maybe it’s just me, but being fortunate enough to be a ‘normal’ student going through NS and school etc here, it kind of comes as a shock to me how difficult it has been for autistic children. I’ve never met an autistic person during my school years, so I’ve never really thought about how much harder it is for them – now our grumbles about school and military service seem laughable. PW, NS..all these were just things that you bitched about how much a pain in the ass they were, simply because everyone else bitched about how much a pain in the ass they were. But now thinking about it, there are people like these who really have trouble coping, and it is by no small part due to people like us, the self-proclaimed ‘normal’ majority. The least we could do is to not make their life harder, and yet some people choose the opposite. I don’t know’s not as if being the minority is a choice. Sometimes people are just born this way.

And now, after this rant, back to the shitload of stuff I have to do.