1. They ask why.


  2. They always whine about wanting to grow up.

    grow up

  3. They scratch their butt.

  4. They explain to you that their butt itches (as if you needed an explanation, and as if they wanted you to help with the scratching).

  5. They dig their nose.

  6. They dig their ear.

  7. They dig just about anywhere they can stick their finger into (I’ll spare you the details regarding the exact locations).

    plaster print

  8. They shove their booger in your face so suddenly that halfway through explaining something important you forget what you were going to say, and spend the next 10mins trying to recall what it was, during which they take the chance to unearth another piece (of booger).

  9. They tell their parents they like you, and you feel really happy when you find out.

  10. Until you also find out that they tell their parents that they like you because you don’t give them homework.

  11. They don’t like you again because you start giving them homework, upon insistence of aforementioned parents.

  12. They don’t do their homework.

  13. They use all the lousy not-doing-homework excuses you used before when you were their age.

  14. They don’t like you more after you tell their parents about it (not realising that they started it, actually).

  15. It takes some Mentos, a few Fruitips and free flow of M&Ms before they like you again.


  16. They don’t speak loud enough when you tell them to read the comprehension passage, and sound half-dead.

  17. They speak too loud when they ask you about the difference between anuses and rectums, and sound really excited.

  18. Their whole family is at home within audible range when number 17 happens.

  19. They ask you whether the tadpole-looking thing comes from frogs.


  20. They ask you what’s the meaning of fertilization – they only know about the kind that involves poop.

  21. They don’t pay attention when you’re explaining a maths sum to them.

  22. They pay attention when you’re trying to SMS sneakily.

    listen teacher


  23. They always seem to refuse to understand any maths sums when the lesson is going to end, so you have to stay back for extra time until they finally get it.



  24. They ask the hardest maths questions.



  25. Puppy eyes – ’nuff said.

    puppy eyes

And finally, one reason why we will still continue teaching them:

  1. They exasperate you infinitely from points 1-25 but then just when you are about to go boom and give them a piece of your mind, they unleash a cute act or say something so endearing that you decide you really wouldn’t mind after all.



    mililtary school

    (This is like teaching Chinese…)

Happy Teachers’ Day!