I learnt a new game. My student taught me how to play. Rather, his two younger siblings did a live demo.

I had been teaching him for the past hour or so..when his younger brother and sister came home. They came upstairs into the other rooms and started raising their voices (why am I not surprised). I talked a bit louder so as to get his attention. Then the noise outside grew progressively louder (as usual)…and louder…and louder…and soon the two little imps were railing their heads off. Just as I thought my rattling eardrums were going to fall out together with their heads, there was a BANG! and everything fell silent once more.

Er..what was that? (I wasn’t sure what to make of it)

Oh, it’s nothing, happens all the time. (and he continues writing calmly)

What just happened? (I was determined to find out why the pair of noisemakers were so quiet after the door slamming. Maybe next time I could slam the door the same way too)

Oh, they were probably playing fight…and then it turned into a REAL fight.


 (I picked this picture in line with the Transformers season)

So my student started explaining what was “playing fight” and how it ended up in a real fight. Apparently the two kids were playing (by pretending to have a fight). They would wrestle with each other and stuff, as if in a real fight. Then probably one of them cheated and used some moves that were not allowed (what kind of moves you say? beats me.) and one started shouting at the other. And so it turned into a real fight (plus shouting match) and they would get so angry with each other that they would go into separate rooms and slam the door. (which was what I heard, both doors slamming together. you have to give it to them, their slamming of doors was in such perfect unison that only one noise was produced – something that can only come from frequent practice )

And according to him, it was not over yet. Because only one of the rooms had the TV, sooner or later the shouting match would resume.

Sure enough, after waiting for a few minutes, they started screaming through the wall about one being without TV and it was unfair and all.

And my student further commented that usually when their mom was at home, it would get louder (and here I thought it couldn’t be any louder) because she would shout at them to stop. And then sometimes he would join in as well. And then their very unaptly-named dog (Strawberry, who barks like a durian) would feel very left out and start spamming his durian barks just to join in the merrymaking.

As a concluding remark, he said, “They know I’m having tuition now, so they’ll be considerate and not go full blast.”

God knows what happens when they do.