And in anticipation of the epic conclusion (as quoted from the trailer) I started reading Deathly Hallows again, just to refresh my memory about everything since I didn’t watch part 1 of the movie and don’t plan to (at least in the near future). And I finished reading the book 2 days after its release, 4 years ago.

(This always happens – I wait for years for the new book to be released and then I finish it in a day or so and I have depression for the next few years until another book is released ._.

And I am halfway through the book but already riled up and in fanboy mode once more. So much so that I went to buy the first three books in the series to complete my HP collection!

And now looking at my collection, (being the fickle Gemini I am – as much as I don’t believe in horoscopes) I kinda regret buying the kiddo version covers for books 4-7 (below left), because now I think the black ones look much cooler.

I went to Kino first and they only had the version below, which I thought looked worse than the kiddo versions so I went to Popular instead.

That cost me roughly 50 bucks, which equates to roughly 2 hours worth of putting up with kids who spout nonsense and don’t pay attention. Quite worth it I think. Now to wait for 14 July! 1 more week omg!

I’m looking forward to the epic battle of Hogwarts. And see Mrs Weasley raise her wand. And also to see the girl below:

Oops sorry wrong one, I mean her: