And I finally got my dirty hands on the book! (not that it was very difficult to begin with)

It has been some time since I last bought a brand new book.

In fact, it has been some time since I sat down to read.

Amidst the schoolwork and everything else, (excuses I know) I’d almost forgotten the feeling of holding a book in my hands, flipping through the pages, breathing in the scent of a new book.

When I was young, we were poor (we still are) and I hardly got the chance to buy new books. What my mom would do was to bring me to Popular regularly..and I would spend a long time poring over the books and trying to read as much as possible while I was there. And then came the annual book fairs…which I thought was the greatest idea ever. There were so many books that I could drown in them and die happy.

And when I got the chance to get my pudgy hands on new books, I had this tradition of putting newly-purchased books under my pillow when I slept. HAHA. Goodness knows why I did that. I still can’t help but laugh when I think of it now.

I could usually spend the whole day reading. When I say whole day I mean rotting in the sofa/bed stopping only to eat, bathe, pee etc. Sometimes I read late into the night, going to sleep only when I finish the book or the chapter, at least (otherwise I can’t sleep anyway).

And sometimes after finishing a book, I would sit for a while, feeling quite exhausted from the mental adventure. Some books just shake me up so much I have to catch your breath after finishing the last page, before I can resume life in the real world. And my heart would sometimes still be racing for quite a while even after I close the book. It’s quite fascinating how those same few alphabets (or characters, for Chinese books)  rearranged in different ways can bring about such an exhilarating experience. And how a few pages of paper binded together can stir up such a storm in me. I can’t really describe the feeling properly. But maybe others who enjoy reading can understand what I’m trying to describe – the feeling after finishing a good book.

To heck with e-readers and smartphones. Nothing beats the feeling of holding a book in my hands.

And now, I shall just go sit down with my new book and a hot cuppa – to spend some quality time with me, myself and I.