I have two friends, A and B.

Below are two examples of the kind of conversations we have.

setting: (walking along some random place)

A (out of the blue): My weapon is armor piercing one.

B: Wah, so deadly…long range+armor piercing some more.

(setting: at fast food restaurant)

A: Why are you using your hands to eat the burger? Don’t they wrap it in paper so you don’t have to dirty your hands?

B: I want to get more intimate with the burger.

me and A: …

B: (continues) I am going to become one with the burger.

(later on, eating a piece of fried chicken – using his hands also)

B: I like to get intimate with chickens.

me and B: (changes to another table)

A and B and I make an awesome threeso- I mean foursome, including B’s tummy.