Eh, look.

Thinking he was stumped by a Maths problem again, I turned to face him and was greeted by two black dots, like little eyes, resting on a mass of yellowish-white something with a green tinge…and this pile of something happened to be on a piece of tissue paper…


The extent of my shock was such that I didn’t realise (until much later) that he addressed me rudely as ‘eh’ instead of the usual ‘teacher’ or my name at least.

And throughout this whole process of haolian-ing the fruits he’d freshly extracted from the deepest recesses of his nose, he had this cheeky grin on his face, the same one he puts on when he just let loose a killer fart.

So…yeah. For me at least, boogers bring big bucks.  (and big is subjective – just like the size of his pi sai.)