So I took another student recently..and after 3 lessons I conclude that I’d best wear a gas mask to his house. The 2nd lesson went like this:

Halfway through a maths problem, Jimmy exclaims, ‘oh shit!’ I asked him what happened, thinking he was stumped. And he flashes a sheepish grin at me: ‘I farted!’

And today:

We have tuition at a table in this tiny cramped room where I have to get up from my seat if he wants to go out. So halfway through explaining a Chinese comprehension, he suddenly squeezes his way out and says: “I need to go out!” And I hurriedly got up to make way. I had a nagging suspicion as to why he went out into the living room…

until he reappeared with a cheeky smile and uttered: Gas!

Later on, I suppose he felt it was too troublesome to get up to fart outside, so he just let loose in the room. Then, like most humans are prone to do, he took a deliberate whiff of his own gas and exclaimed half in disgust and half in awe, “Wa, stinks man!”

(If you thought he didn’t fart on the first lesson as well..then you were wrong. He did but didn’t admit – probably because he was still unfamiliar with me.)