Found these series of pictures which brightened up my day on a Monday morning..but I’m not tumblr-literate so I don’t know how to reblog it directly from tumblr to wordpress (or whether it’s even possible) so I koped all the pics and posted them here. And following from the point about being a tumblr-retard, I also don’t know where these adorable pictures originated from, but this is where I found this post.

I feel the dad has really captured the innocence of his children in these pictures, and also demonstrated how there is really no limit to a child’s imagination – it’s limited by the how many fridge cardboard boxes the kid can get his dirty hands on. (fridge ones are the best coz they’re the biggest) All the common stuff in our daily lives can be a source of fun. I love the last picture: the cheeky grin of the little girl just steals my heart away.