The following are excerpts from a typical lesson with my tutee.


Me: *referring to a question on mensuration* What’s a hemisphere?

Josh: uh…the thing in the sky?



He needs a newspaper article to comment about for his assignment or something…and while working on a maths sum, asks if I have any. I reply…

Me: Go buy newspaper la…then you have many articles to choose from.

Josh: But newspapers so expensive.

Me: Your Xbox not expensive?

Josh: My uncle give one.

Me: Your laptop not expensive?

Josh: My uncle give one.

Me: Can give me your uncle?

Josh: No, he’s not for sale.

Me: I never say I want to buy, I ask if you can give me.

Josh: No, my uncle not for giving.

Me: Why he never forgive you?

–5 seconds of lag time later–

Josh: *laughs* see la, you broke my train of thoughts.

Me: You never had one to begin with.

(which was true, because he was still stuck on the sum at the end of the conversation)


So he had a holiday assignment which was posted online, and he printed it out without pictures. I asked him why, and he replied that he opened the document using WordPad, as his computer had no Microsoft Office coz it had just been reformatted. But there were a few questions which needed diagrams so I suggested…

Me: Call one of your friends with Office, and ask them what the diagram looks like.

Josh: I have no friends.

Me: Your whole class hates you?

Josh: Yah.

Me: I can see why.



The above is a photo I took of his Maths working. Basically whenever he wanted to factorise a quadratic equation, he drew the table thing (right side) which we were all taught to draw when we just picked up algebra. But just to spite him, I kept calling it the “noob method” coz I could factorise the equation without drawing the table (cheap thrill, I know). So he got fed up that day and started drawing things to add to the table. According to him, adding the thing that is supposed to resemble a dragon makes it more cool and hence “not noob anymore”. And the cloud thing that is coming out from the dragon’s mouth is fire I suppose. And the thing with teeth below the dragon is the baby dragon =)