The bonding stage in friendships-males vs females:

I notice that there are differences in the ways guys and girls bond with their example I think can of is what people do during a slumber party.

At one with mostly guys, we would:

  1.  watch soccer
  2. eat non-stop (to the sheer horror of the girls)
  3. play video games

through the night..mostly doing activities together. Whereas at one with mostly girls, we would

  1. watch TV or dramas
  2. or be content with just chit-chatting through the night

Another example is when guys or girls go on outings. For one with mostly guys, we would decide what to do beforehand i.e. the outing must have a purpose, be it catching a movie, going to an exhibition, playing LAN, etc etc. For one with mostly girls, we would be happy with just meeting for a meal, chit-chatting over lunch. Then we would find another place to sit down and…

 chit-chat again.

This brings me to the point that guys mostly bond by doing activities together but girls prefer to talk to one another to reaffirm their friendship. Even though point 1 for both guys and girls may seem the same (watching something together), I observed that the difference lies in one crucial point:

Guys would mostly stick strictly to watching the game, commenting on (or rather, hurling insults at) the players during the game. Anyone who tries to talk about about something else would mostly be ignored. Although girls also watch something together, more often than not they would bring in their own experiences when commenting on the drama (when not swooning at the male lead). Then eventually they might start talking more and more about themselves and ignore the show altogether (and end up doing no. 2 after all).