It is commonly agreed that nonverbal communication contributes a great deal to shaping perceptions as mentioned in the text, but if you think about it, computer mediated communication (CMC), which greatly lacks the ability to transmit nonverbal cues, is becoming more common and popular. Sure, emoticons can convey your mood…and I read that repetition of punctuation marks and letters may serve as nonverbal cues too, but they’re still inferior to the nonverbal messages we can pick up in face-to-face communication. Maybe it’s just me, but there was once I felt quite angry with a friend while talking online. I didn’t feel like stating it outright, yet I wanted my friend to know that I was angry. Emoticons didn’t help much then..that was when I felt CMC is really lacking in many ways..all the more intriguing that CMC can make up a significant part of our daily communication activities.