Warning: Not for the faint hearted. Don’t read this when you’re eating/drinking.

So if you own an iPhone, you must be familiar with the autocorrect function. I have a love-hate relationship with it. And judging from the examples below, I’m not alone in this world. But my autocorrect blunders and nowhere as epic as those below that I’ve handpicked from damnyouautocorrect.com. There are millions more where they came from, but these were all I could manage to gather before I stopped to let my sides recover from all the laughing. Enjoy.

(I’ve classified them into rude ones and not-so-rude ones. If you don’t feel comfortable with rude language or words describing certain parts of the human anatomy and the like, please stop after you finish reading the not-so-rude ones.)

We’ll start with the not-so-rude ones first:



If it were me, I would be panicking for a reply too..hopefully Michelle is not pan dang..hahaha.

 1defacating outside

Not much, indeed.


Rude shock!


Fleas, lol.


Obviously..the autocorrect is too smart for its own good.


Horrible pun!!! hahahah.


Syphillis, parts 1 and 2.


Now for the rude ones, with coarse language and everything. (Probably not surprising to say that they’re also the funnier ones…)

whore foods

Nice reply dripping with sarcasm =)

 camel whore

That was some autocorrection…



Not once, twice, but three times!


Remember not to borrow his phone…


Lol @ brain bleach


Google ‘douche’ if you need help =P


HAHAHAHA way to talk to your dad.



Freudian slips!!! hahaha.


I have no idea what’s a lesguana..


Indeed, scarred for life.


Another awesome reply!


Another romantic moment ruined.



Yea..I’m sure Ashley will laugh even more.


I don’t want to imagine…




Way to spoil a romantic moment!

I really LOLed at this, except I was in lecture struggling to keep my laughter.

I love my iPhone.

(Go to damnyouautocorrect.com for more..)