So I was walking home tonight…and wondering why the pedestrian light is taking ages to turn green..and watching someone pressing the button furiously (there will always be someone doing that). And when it finally turned green, I started walking like the rest..until…until…

(I cannot find suitable words in existence to describe the scenario, so I shall let the picture speak the thousand words it is supposed to)

So as you can see from my very professionally drawn illustration, I was crossing the bloody road when this bloody bike wormed zoomed across the road in front of the pedestrians (black circles, lazy to draw the stick bodies). And based on my 22 years of experience crossing the road..usually the traffic light will turn red for a few seconds first before the pedestrian light turns green. So this bike blatantly beat red light when we were like inches away!! I can understand if people beat red light when there’s no one around la..those who 赶着投胎..but this is ridiculous.

So I stared at the bike furiously..hoping that something will happen..but nothing happened since I’m not Cyclops. Some people were quite dulan but of course since we are Singaporeans..nobody really did anything. There wasnt anything much we can do actually..except prolly grab the guy and shake him real good. (or shout some words from the hokkien language) A girl was sitting behind prolly he wanted to haolian I guess.

Anyway..I don’t expect everyone to drive like me..if they did..Singapore would prolly not be garden city..but turtle town. And all the insurance companies would close down. But..observe some basic safety maybe -.-