Pass this quiz and ace your exam tomorrow! (I wish)

1. How many times did Lazarsfeld marry?

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

2. Where did Hovland die?

(a) At the Yale IHR

(b) In a bathtub

(c) At Clark Hull’s house

(d) CATI lab

3. Who died while watching TV?

(a) Lazarsfeld

(b) Schramm

(c) Freud

(d) Lewin

4. What did Hovland hate the most?

(a) Fish

(b) Chicken

(c) Beef

(d) Canteen B food

5. Which of the following pairs died of a heart attack?

(a) Hovland and Lazarsfeld

(b) Lasswell and Darwin

(c) Shannon and Marx

(d) Lewin and Schramm

6. Who forgot whether he had eaten lunch?

(a) Wiener

(b) Shannon

(c) Marx

(d) Lasswell

7. What was Schramm doing when he died?

(a) Writing a book

(b) Working with doctoral students

(c) Watching TV with his wife

(d) Building Institutes of Communication Research everywhere

8. Who quarreled with all his followers?

(a) Lewin

(b) Lewin

(c) Lewin

(d) Freud

Answers: c, b, b, a, d, a, c, (do you really need the answer to the last question?)