Are you a Singaporean? Do you know about the legend of the Merlion?

Well, legend has it that the Merlion landed on Sentosa and saved S’pore from a storm. It would save S’pore again if the island ran into trouble.

Did you know about this legend? If you don’t, shame on you. But it’s ok, I’m sure you’re not the only Singaporean who didn’t. I just found out as well about this absolutely ridiculous legend. This legend was created for Merlion with the creation of the Merlion tower at Sentosa in 1995. What’s more,

To the unaware tourist, the legend was packaged in such a convincing manner with the film clip and chronology of when and where the Merlion supposedly visited S’pore.

One question I have is how the Merlion got across from Sentosa to the main island. I don’t think Vivocity was built then. Maybe by cable car? Ohhh..that’s’s half a fish and probably swam across. Well…I certainly look forward to Merlion saving the day the next time Lucky Plaza floods again. /sarcasm