Ever had the experience where you and your friends are running to catch the train, and you make a dash for it when the doors are beeping like crazy…then the doors snap shut missing you just by an inch and you heave a huge sigh of relief (or in my case, pant like my life depended on it)…until you turn around and see your friends pointing/laughing/waving at you from the platform?

Well..something like that happened on the way home today. Except a mom was doing the running. So the doors were beeping furiously, then this Olympic runner mom decided to make a break for it (probably to get home by 7pm to watch 爱) and almost got through…well..her pram got through that is. Before the doors slammed on the pram. Then she probably realised that her baby was more important than watching 爱 and tried to pull the pram back. I saw a few hands clamouring in vain to help stop the door from closing. Hello..unless you all are mean green mutants (i.e. Hulk) i dont think that’s going to work. Probably pressing the yellow/red button labelled “EMERGENCY STOP” button might help? But passengers inside the train focused all their energy on producing a huge gasp instead. Maybe they thought if they gasped loud enough they might catch the attention of the train driver, or one of those evil MRT staff trying to fine people for drinking water on board.

Anyway, the end result was that the door still forced itself shut and the mom had to let go of the pram (hey, it was either her hands or the pram). So in this case the baby was pointing/laughing/waving instead. Well, not at the mom anyway (if you use a little common sense you’ll understand why the baby was back-facing the mom). The baby was grinning impishly (at least I think it was; I was too far away) at this young couple in their twenties. The mom was gesturing frantically and asking them to meet her at the next stop. If I were her I would whip out a few fifty-dollar notes and wave them about as well, for good measure. Anyway, so this couple had a whole pram shoved in their face. I’m sure they were pretty thrilled at being able to play mom and dad for..2 minutes (it was peak hour). It’d make good practice for the future anyway. Beats brandishing parangs at random people and shouting numbers at them.

So..the moral of the story is..don’t try to dash into the train. Especially when you’re pushing babies. The doors are beeping for a reason. 投胎也需要排队的…