What started you reading? Could you remember? I don’t know when I started, but I sure remember lots of series that I pored over. Hardy Boys for one. Don’t know when I first got hooked on mystery and sleuthing, but I still love this genre till today. I was a fan of The Hardy Boys too..but I didn’t really (dare to) touch the ‘sister’ series Nancy Drew. Haha. Probably embarassed to borrow it from the school library, since it’s like ‘for girls’. I think what got me hooked on the mystery genre was Enid Blyton. How can anyone from my era not remember all the gnomes, fairies, pixies, afternoon tea parties etc in those short stories? When I was young, I would go to the bookshop or library and drown myself in “The Clockwork Teddy and other stories” and books like that.

After that when I got older (upper primary) and discovered this wonderful free place called the school library, I visited it almost every other day. I started reading the ‘dorm’ stories by Enid Blyton, like Malory Towers, St Clares’ and Naughtiest Girl series. Somehow the focus was on girls, but I enjoyed reading them anyway coz I found dorm life quite intriguing, something unknown and I cannot imagine. But nobody seemed to be reading those (I could always get the volume I wanted) so I didn’t really get to discuss it with anyone. Haha.

Oh, and The Faraway Tree and The Magic Wishing Chair. The last two had only a few titles in the series and I like them so much that I read and re-read th em.Titles like The Famous Five,  Secret Seven, Five Find-outers, Adventure series, Adventurous Four were also my favourites. I kept wishing that there were more titles from these two series, but it never happened. Haha. I think I read them all. I find that quite incredible, now looking back. I haven’t even managed to finish reading all of Agatha Christie’s works now.

Books were sure a great way to pass time!