Hmm. Watched Liar Game: Final Stage some time ago, and I found it quite interesting. I haven’t watched/read anything from the franchise before this. It’s quite different from other movies I suppose..where the interesting part is not about the special effects, or a good plot, but just focusing on the interaction between people, and the mind games etc. So Nao was pretty much useless, except for her bag, and getting Akiyama to trust other people.

Actually, I didn’t realise how difficult trusting other people has become, until recently. I wonder, how often would anyone have someone suddenly coming to their door and screaming to be let in? Well, that’s what happened to me. A malay woman just magically appeared at my door one fine day, and started shouting and screaming at me to let her in. Obviously I would ask her for reasons, and she blabbered something about she was living on the 4th floor and her husband was coming to beat her. Sad to say, I didn’t believe her at once, and hesitated about letting her in. Several thoughts came to my mind, first of which was: scam. Probably this woman, wearing her pajamas and her hair all tangled and in a mess would try to rob me once I let her in. (ok, maybe that was my imagination running wild) But what if she was telling the truth, and I let her in, then her husband comes running after me with a chopper, demanding to be let in. After all, I’m staying there permanently, and I don’t want the husband to mark me as his enemy, as ‘the guy who stopped me when I wanted to use my wife as a punchbag’.

When the woman saw that I was hesitant, she changed her mind about being let in, then asked to borrow my handphone to call the police. I immediately thought she was going to run away with my iPhone and considered telling her mine was  only 3G, and she should find someone with 3GS. lol. Anyway, I passed her my wireless house phone (she could run away with that; it wouldn’t work after running out of battery anyway) and she called the police. After I heard her talk to the police, I was more or less convinced that she was telling the truth. Then she was still frantically looking around in fear of husband and asked to be let in again. Then I thought, what if she was just pretending to call the police so that I would believe her and let her in so that she could rob my house (and steal my PC which took 30mins to boot up and shut down)?

All of a sudden, an idea came to me, and I woke my mother up from her nap and asked for her opinion. (and I wondered why I didn’t do that earlier..) Anyway, long story short, my mom let her in until the police came. We never saw the husband anyway, and the woman followed the police and we never knew what happened after that. I thought about this incident later on, and am not sure whether to feel disgusted by my lack of trust in other people or not. I wonder when such a suspicious nature developed.’s just my personality. I find it hard to place my trust in other people. I don’t usually open up to people I just got to know, and kinda stay at a distance until I feel comfortable.

Perhaps, as you get older, come into contact with more things, you find it hard to see the world as just a simple place. Or maybe it’s just the ‘mean world syndrome’ where you believe the world is a darker place than it really is. Whatever it is, I think trust is a valuable thing. If someone places their trust in you, cherish it. Thankfully, if not for the existence of seemingly stupidly naive people like Nao, we would be playing the liar game every day.