Last week, I watched Despicable Me. And I have to say that it’s so
good that I don’t mind watching it again. Throughout the whole
90minutes or so, there was lots of laughter. it’s really one of the
best comedies I’ve watched. the tiny yellow..thingies are so cute! the
way they chatter among themselves in some wierdo language is damn
funny. and of course their little actions and responses which are so
human, although they are so alien.

But after that, I thought a bit more about the movie…and felt that
there were some parts which had something more.. behind the jokes and

When Gru finally achieved his childhood dream..his wish to get the
moon..he was extremely happy. but when the initial euphoria died down,
there was pretty much nothing but emptiness. yes, Gru quite literally
had the moon in hs hands..but if you have nobody to share the joy
with, it amounts to nothing at all. even if it’s a feat such as
getting the moon.

after that, when the villain kidnapped the girls..and Gru asked Margo
to jump into his hands, she hesitated. I actually didn’t see that
coming. but it made me think..never take a child’s trust in you for
granted. yes Gru gained their trust quite quickly, and the little
touching scene where they gave their piggy bank readily to him proved
that. although he had only wanted to make use of them to fulfill his
dreams. (I’m not sure if they were aware at that time) but later on,
after they were returned back to the home..Margo, the most sensible
(and perhaps sanest) of the lot, was not quite ready to trust him
again. we often promse children something or say aomething just for
the sake of appeasing them..but abuse their trust too much and you may
have a hard time gaining it back.

In any case, Margo surprised me again near the end of the show. when
Gru finally was willing to kiss them good night, Margo suddenly hugged
him and said “I love you”. She’s the most sensible one, yet in this
case we are reminded that she was still a child after all. Because
only a child can express her feelings so frankly, to show her
heartfelt appreciation and gratitude without any reservations. often,
we find it difficult to say things like that out loud or face to face,
even though we really mean it.

And also, at the end Gru read a “new” story that he wrote for them,
something abt a unicorn. we see how Gru was willing to use his nose to
be the prop in the story..and I am reminded of how willing parents are
to make their children happy or coax them to sleep, often at their own
expense. we see how grownups make funny faces, boo-boo noises and
complete fools of themselves in public, all just to get a smile from
their children.

There’s one more scene which was disturbingly funny involving the
moon…the yellow thingies mooning at the photocopier -.- One thingy
sat on the machine butt naked and the others laughed at the copies of
his butt, pointing and saying “butt”. Somehow I was reminded of the
times in primary school..where people would try ways and means to get
their friend to say stuff like “chicken white” in mandarin and
everyone would go “orh-hor!”
It’s like..doing something taboo and laughing among themselves, not
because they really mean it or have vulgar intentions, but simply
because it’s fun to do something the grownups say you can’t, and not
get caught.