This is the show which I sacrificed 3 hours of my studying time to watch =X And while giving out awards for 十大最受欢迎女艺人, 利菁 kept hugging Mark Chao as 节目效果 I suppose. Although it got a bit old at the end..but she was trying to drag time ba. 利菁even told the winners that hugging 赵又廷 was a privilege, so don’t waste it -.-” In the end almost every female artiste who went on stage to collect their award hugged him. But I think in this case, 他吃亏就是占便宜. Hahaha. I think he is really quite 帅 though, so this is 高素质豆腐. Unlike me, I am 豆干.

And I think Joanne Peh’s 露半粒 dress is AWFUL. My eyes!!

(Pictures were taken from, as you can see, OMY.)