(This post is rated ‘N’ for Non-mature audiences only.)

Woo..finally got my hands on the latest Pokémon game. It’s a remake of Pokémon Gold/Silver for GameBoyAdvance. I got the SoulSilver version while my friend got HeartGold. Apparently this time there’s this tamagotchi like thingy included in the package..which allows you to ‘walk’ one of your Pokémon from the game or something. Not much idea on how it works yet. Anyway. I think Pokémon is a successful game formula that has lasted..more than a decade? I’m not sure why I like it till now myself. It just…works. The gameplay has improved much from last time..but of course the best part is still competitive play. And being on the DS certainly helps, as you can connect to WiFi and play against players from all over the world. Well, nothing much to say, as this is something like…you like it means you like it. If you don’t you just dismiss it as a kids’ game.

Looking back, my first encounter with Pokémon was when I was in P4. My friend passed me a Pokémon Yellow rom, complete with the emulator, in a 3.5″ floppy disk which is already extinct now. I have never turned back since. Hahaha.

I just remembered that the 3.5″ floppy stores a whopping 1.44MB. *turns and look at 500GB external drive* Goodness!!