Mr Brown never fails to amuse with his witty remarks. Read here.

Apparently there’s this new website delightfully named launched some time back.

It is an online booking portal that allows the public to book facilities (both sports and non-sports), register for courses and to make payment for the transactions.

I applaud the superduper超级 apt name. (I mean, one look and you can tell what the website is for right?)

Here’s a suggestion: why not have a one-stop website for paying all our fines also? To top it up, I have an extremely creative suggestion for the URL. Confirm not taken one. It’s easy to remember, and the harmonious blend of English with Malay adds a touch of local flavour to the name. This URL, with a Singlish ring to it, is sure to appeal to all Singaporeans and they will log on to the website obediently and regularly to pay their fines whenever they throw litter on the floor, smoke in the non-smoking area of a coffeeshop, poke a wrong hole in their parking coupon or forgot to ask permission to drink water when taking medicine on the MRT.

I didn’t provide a name to the website because I didn’t want to blind you with the brilliant colour scheme on the brilliantly-named website. But then again, who needs a link? It’s so easy to remember! Just be sure to log on only during office hours, when you’re working. If your boss reprimands you, the explanation is clearly written on the website:

The Advanced Search function will not be available from 6 am to 8 am and from 12.30 pm to 2 pm.