Nice start to a new semester. I don’t like the sound of my core modules.

Fundamentals of research sounds like a lot of work.

I have no idea what Information literacy and interpretation is about because the lecture hasn’t started yet.

Speech and argumentation just kills me.

And I can’t take Jap level 2 because the exam clashes with one of my core module’s exam.

I can’t take 文字学 because the lecture slot clashes with the SAME core module’s lecture slot.

And of all the modules to assign, I was given French. -.- The lowest on my priority list. I put it to fill up space.

So now the last module I managed to grab (no grabbing needed, I took my time to click slowly) is Chinese Literature in Singapore and Malaysia. But there are more and more slots available, probably because the module is so difficult that no one wants to take it, me included. Haha. More camping for STARS!!