I went to the Vivace! concert 09 on Saturday with Yu Ming, Ethel and Adeline. I bought the ticket totally because I wanted to do my part for charity and donate to the Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) fund, and not because Jing Ren was performing in it. Really. 

It was like reliving the old times of NS when I was doing guard duty standing like a fool at the assigned station, as we didn’t go early and the place was filled by the time we entered. So we stood and watched the concert for about 3 hours.

We were greeted with the upbeat tune of Get High by F.I.R, followed by 超快感 by Stef Sun. I don’t remember all the songs I heard, but there were performances by contestants of Campus Superstar (1st season) like Kym and Zhiyang. He sang Lady Gaga’s Poker Face which I thought didn’t really fit his image. This was followed by 张惠妹’s 记得 which was better.

But of course to Ethel, everything was perfect. She was having possible halluncinations despite not having drank anything, and said that Zhiyang kept looking at her. I declined comment.

Other songs include 对号入座, 专属天使 and.. 珊瑚海(if I remember correctly). I liked the 大舌头segment.

Anyway, after much waiting, we  finally came to the (blue? red? too many colors…I forgot.) section where Jing Ren made an appearance.

His spirited and soulful rendition of the duet 男人女人 with another girl had the audience enthralled and cheering on our feet while soaking in the harmonious melody. (<- he paid me to write the sentence.)

Haha. Ok la. Jing Ren you did well ok. I think the singers sang quite well on the whole, and it was worth the $18 for a 3 hour concert without seats. Ethel kept trying to wave to Jing Ren and distract him in the hopes that he would sing off-key, which would allow us to claim a refund from him. But sadly her efforts were in vain…

However, I thought their 台词 were a bit..off. There were many 冷场 moments and I think the singers were trying to create a casual and relaxed mood by using a lot of Singlish and some dialect (like repeated uses of ki siao). I think there’s a better way to go about engaging the audience informally without throwing in sub-standard language, and the Singlish came across to me as a bit sloppy. And the numerous ‘private jokes’ about scandals between the singers themselves should have been saved for private discussions, as I suppose most of us did not get the joke(s).

But of course, it’s always easier to criticize. In any case, I still enjoyed the concert and 我不只听出耳油,还站到脚酸!! Haha.