IT STARTED as an official call. National Environment Agency (NEA) officer(…) telephoned a woman to tell her that he had caught her teenage son smoking and littering.

The next day, the 44-year-old woman received a text message from the officer, saying he wanted to go to her flat to advise her on raising teenagers.

His messages kept coming, from morning to night. Then they turned explicit: He asked her for sex in return for letting her son off the hook.

That was when she reported him.

The next day, (he) 43, messaged to ask if she was alone at home and if he could go over. She said ‘yes’.

He arrived with three condoms in his bag, but was greeted by officers from the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Haha. Seriously, like what the hell. Really pwned. Why did he even bring 3 anyway. Scared of breakage? Or planning for 3 times. Beats me.