A MAN fell 12 storeys to his death on Saturday night while a fire raged in his flat where his two young children lay dead in their bedroom.

Neighbours in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 heard two explosions at about 9.50pm and saw thick, black smoke billowing out of the sixth floor unit in Block 543.

As some of them scrambled out of their flats and gathered at the ground floor, they looked up and saw Mr Ng Chee Kiang, 39, plunging from the parapet on the 12th floor.

Firefighters broke into the blazing flat and found the siblings lying face-up, side by side, on a bed in their bedroom. Neither had a pulse nor were breathing.

It is not clear how Xavier Ng Wei Yi, 5, and Cheryl Ng Shi Hui, 3, died. But their bodies were not burnt and the fire was largely restricted to the living room.

Early investigations show the fire appeared to have begun on the living room sofa.

Above is taken from The Straits Times.

Yet another family tragedy. After watching 前线追踪 yesterday, I really felt sorry for the kids, and the wife. The wife especially. The pain and agony she has to suffer is unimagineable. The family of the deceased declined comment on the cause of the tragedy, but it is understood that this was most likely linked to gambling and loanshark debts. I really don’t understand why the father must do this.

With all respect for the deceased, I think committing suicide is being irresponsible to all the people around you, especially those who have been sticking around and holding your hand to weather the tough times. No matter what problems you face, taking the easy way out is only going to leave a trail of agonising pain and tears for those who hold you dear. What is the wife going to do now? She would need a tremendous amount of courage and resilience to carry on. What about the kids? Although it has not been confirmed how the two children died, the possibilities are limited. When faced with family problems, the kid is always the one who suffers the most, yet more often than not the most innocent. It is certainly heartrending to know that the bright futures of the two children have been destroyed due to the father’s problem gambling. No one has a right to determine how the lives of others are going to end. Whatever the circumstances, the kids should always be given a chance to carry on with their lives.

不管什么事,孩子永远是无辜的!No matter what you do, THE CHILD IS ALWAYS INNOCENT!