Hmm. It’s the end of a semester soon..and recently I’ve been having second thoughts about specialising in journalism. I entered communication because I liked to write, not literary writing but formal and ‘newspaperish’, and therefore maybe hopefully get a job in the press. But having understood a little more about the industry, I look at those awesome reporters in the midst of everything, telling society about what it wants to know and what it needs to know, and I think to myself: Would I be like them someday? Can I? Really?

There was this excerpt from a book by Herbert Gans on objectivity (1980), that left an impression in my heart. He said, “Participants took positions, got excited, shaped events for woe or weal, but ended up losing perspective on reality. I remained the untouched observer, seeing the whole picture because I was not in the picture…The notion of being the invisible stranger always appealed to me.” I suppose the role of “silent observer” always appealed to me albeit unconsciously. I preferred taking in all the action without being part of it.

But I think that’s where the problem comes in. I am not proactive in seeking action. Instead, I prefer to sit around and wait till the action comes to me, or just observe the things/people around me, and try to make sense of it/them.

So, in these few weeks, I thought maybe communication research would suit me more. I don’t know..somehow I can better see myself doing survey stuff, like AC Nielsen type, evaluating why people remember the PCK Courts ad but not the irritating Mocca ad with a man posing as an oversized arrow.

Or maybe it’s just because the pink barney lecturer who plays WoW makes communication research seem so interesting.