NSF Officer:
“What’s the most valuable thing you can take away from NS?”

Me (tries desperately to think of a politically correct answer and fails

NSF Officer:
“Haha, don’t give me the bullshit answer.”

“So what’s is it? Honestly there’s nothing I can take away from

NSF Officer:

yes it sounds cliched and all…but given the context, i didn’t really expect that. seeing all the fb updates about the junior batch ord-ing has got me reminiscing about those horror days. indeed, i can say the only thing i gained from ns is a bunch of shitty friends. shitty because they’ve gone through a lot of shit with me. haha. some ppl are so passionate about the stuff they do during ns, while others have probably shredded all their memory of it. (and probably re-shred again till dust.) for me, it’s the shared memories we have that i hold close. i base my memory upon events rather than people. thinking of all the stupid things that we did (or were forced to do) always makes me smile.
i started the 2 years very fixed on the idea that i would gain absolutely nothing. i left with…not much, but a few friends close to my heart, which is enough for me.