The early bird catches the Hello Kitty.

lol. some interesting stuff shown at my COM201 lecture today. in particular, proverbs that makes the culture of singapore vividly come to life. some reflect the unique issues pertaining to singapore, while others poke fun at certain trends/events around us. hope you get the witty humour in these:

One man’s urine is another man’s drinking water.
You can lead a citizen to Newater, and you can force him to drink.

i think ptc stands for public transport costs? not sure..

What goes up can never come down: Law of GST and PTC.

some we see in the news:

We pay monkeys to get peanuts.

Where there’s a will, there’s a potential lawsuit.

some political stuff.

Citizens should be seen and not heard.

Lightning can strike twice if you suay-suay defame the wrong person.

some things that you may hear from those uncles, complaining about life, at coffeeshops:

After the government takes enough to balance the budget, the taxpayer has the
job of budgeting the balance.

Cleanliness is next to a Corrective Work Order.

Familiarity breeds people who might borrow money from you.

A land that rewards foreign talents over locals, will soon be foreign of
talents locally, and eventually be foreign of talents totally.

something that is related to my major =/

No news is SPH news.

finally, one for guys, during times of recession.

A bird in the hand is cheaper than going Geylang.