She calls herself “refrigerator”.

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For an entertaining read, head over here. Peals of laughter guaranteed or your money back.

(No this is not spam, just my very hilarious friend whose life is an adventure.)

“If I’m not hot, are you hot or not?”

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Came across this interesting article while looking for inspiration for my project.

You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

Well stop telling lies. We all do.

As we know, physical attractiveness is one key aspect when it comes to dating. It seems natural that the hotter ones would prefer dates who are more attractive. Then those suay ones, how? They probably end up with someone who are less attractive as well.

So…if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, do these less-attractive people perceive their less-attractive dates as hotter? (compared to how more attractive people see these same less-attractive dates)

According to the study, apparently not. While less attractive people are willing to accept those not as good-looking as dating partners, they do not delude themselves into thinking that their dates are hotter than they (the dates) really are.

One possible explanation suggested by the study is: When it comes to dating, people do not adopt a sour grapes mentality where they tell themselves that what is unattainable is not as great as it looks. Instead, they focus on the merits of the options that are attainable.

From an evolutionary perspective, such a mindset can potentially increase an individual’s pool of potential mates, reducing the likelihood that a physically unattractive person will end up without a partner.

Which means, people find a way to love the ones they are with. Awwww.

Or, they make sure they earn lots of money.

[Another surprising conclusion:

Physical attractiveness has been shown to make a major difference, both in economic terms (e.g., one’s chances of getting a job, a pay raise, or a promotion) and in terms of the attractiveness of potential mates one is able to attract. BUT physical attractiveness has not been shown to affect happiness. People seem to adapt to the advantages and disadvantages they experience as a result of their physical looks (much as they adapt to many other situations), achieving roughly similar levels of happiness throughout a wide range of attractiveness levels.

That’s good..we can all stop envying Ryan Gosling now.]

When something gets out of hand, flush it down the toilet.

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My sec 1 tuition kid dropped his iphone4 into the toilet bowl. So, the next rational, logical, sensible and obvious thing to do was to press “Flush” and watch the phone disappear up the pipes.

Then AFTER flushing, he told his parents what happened, probably thinking that they would just get him a new phone and everyone would live happily ever after.

(I said you should have told them BEFORE you pressed that damned button)

To his dismay, his good mother said, “GOOD. Now you no phone to use.”

The next day, he found his phone swimming merrily in the toilet bowl again. Apparently didn’t make it up the pipes…

How to identify true love.

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So I was talking to this friend of mine who has a rich boyfriend. And she said:



I thought to myself:

Wah got rich boyfriend still eat mooncake samples. This is true love man..she’s definitely not in it for the money.




But in* the end, her pangs of hunger were apparently not strong enough:



“And I’ve been there before so I think they’ll recognize me.”

Yep, true love alright.

My parents’ first visit to the cinema in 20+ years.

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Yeah, title says it all. Nothing much to explain, except that we had this little family outing since I just received my first salary from a full-time job.


I was talking about how I booked the tickets in advance or else we might not be able to get a seat, or end up with front-row seats since it was Saturday.

My dad: 坐前面好嘛,以前我们每次喜欢坐前面。

Me: 你以为看歌台meh,越前面越好啊。。。坐前面不是看电影,是看天。


Appropriate conversations are appropriate.

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自称是“不愿具名的美女”朋友:u mean technology enables us to go to the moon but cannot help guys lengthen their manhood?


Me VS P2 Tuition Kid.

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P2 girl: (stares thoughtfully at me then comes to a sudden realization) You cut your hair!

Me: Uhhh..ya.

P2 girl: Your fringe is very long now!

Me: No what..I always kept it that way. (continues marking her work)

P2 girl: (ignores the fact I just pointed out) hsjsshdhjddsnhs your hair.

Me: (didn’t catch the front part of what she said; decides to ignore and respond with an ambiguous grunt of approval)

P2 girl: (squeals with laughter) I asked you to clip your hair and you said ok!

Me: Har. Ok lor.

P2 girl: Only girls clip their hair! (peals of laughter again)

Me: Grr more homework for you today!


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